My Website!

My name is Peter F. Wilson and ,this is my webpage .

i have made this site so ,that poeple can find out about me and the stuff i like .I am an impotant railway perservationist and Chairman of more than one perservation group .I also like looking at the internet becase ,there are lots of picture's and some are quite strange .

Hear I am!!!!!!!

i took this picture on my freinds mobile and took a picture of it with my camera .

My hobby's

Railway's and train's

as I already said ,I am Chairman of perservation group's to do with train's .The first group was the Class 37 Traction group that formed to save some Britsh Rail Class 37's from srcap .but we renamed it to "37 Traction Group" to stop people being confused about it .There were some people from Coalchester and they werent nice so we formed "37 Tractor Group" instead and we bouhgt two 37s of Henry Sharp but he changed his mind and we coulden go to Barow Hill .The lastest group is the EWASHFPG (ewands hertiage fleet perservation group) which i have just set up to save the Hertige fleet from been scrapt.

Internet boxe's

i also like internet boxes that you see ,on web sites ,some of them are very funny !!!!!!!!!!!!! becase they look like warnings on your computer but they are not realy !!!.The one's that say you have won a prise are always wrong thouhg ,becase when you click on them they just open up another website .here are some of the ,best ones .and here are some more here .


i am now at College doing computing and website desine but before that i went to ,school and before that a nursery but i cant remember ,it much .We moved to derby in 2004 and before that we lived near ,the Blubell railway .

I will put more on this site later

My other websites

Class 37 Traction group (defunc)

EWASHFPG (New !!!!!!!!)


LNER are put there uniqe class 89 UP FOR SALE!!!! I have set up a new fgroup to save this engine .click hear to see it .

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