EWandS Hertige Fleet Perservation Group (EWASHFPG)


37906 "Slug6"

47306 Spper

Welcome to are new website.

We are the EWandS Hertiage Fleet Perservation Grop that was formed when EWandS desided to sell of ,there heritage loco's last week .

What the locos are


This is from the EWandS website .

These are impotant loco's becase they ,have all been painted in diffrent livrys or have not been scrapt yet .

They must be saved becase of this .

Some infomation about the Engine's .

Even thought Founder Member Mr Peter F. Wilson is not intrested in "ped"'s we will still save 31111 becaseof it's number and green livry and it is at Barow Hill that is not to far from Derby where he lives .Founder Member Peter G. Wilson has seen it moving at Barow Hill and it sounds a bit like a 37 so we will have it .

There are 2 37's ,on the list which mean's we can have 37's after all even thought the 37 Tarction Group is now defunc (Founder Member Peter F. Wilson was the Founder Member and Chairman of the C37TG as well ) .These 2 37's are 37175 (but we dont no anything about this one and 37906 this is ,"Slug 6" and is impotant becase of it's engine ,and is a real beast !!!!! Even thought it is at the Seven Valley that does not matter becase it can run to Barow Hill on the main line .The other engine's are 47's "DUFF"s and one is in green livry so it must be saved .The other has name "Sapper" and is painted grey with red diamonds so this must be saved aswell .

47004 is at Old Oak COmmune and the other 1 is at Stblazey but we ,dont know where that is so we will get a lorry to move them to Barow Hill .

We have a Technical Adviser who is Mr J Wilson (Father of the Founder Member Mr Peter F. Wilson Chairman) and he says it will cost a ,lot of money for lorry's so we need more money .

The Plan to Save Them

Some people have said that EWandS will give these loco's to a group but they are wrong .We are expert at talking to EWandS and ,know all the impotant poeple from when we where going to buy 37401 and 37428 in ,the 37 Tractor Group .

We wil lneed lots of money to save these engine's specally the 37's becase other groups like the BRELtd will definately want them and so will D.R.S and fraggonset and costwold Rail .we will buy the loco's and then hire them out to these groups which will stop them having to buy them and mean we can make money .

each loco will cost about 4000 becase non of them have been used in ages .and some are ,on hertiage lines were they are not used .

wWe are also needing people who know these loco' type's who will help get them running so if you are a driver or have seen engine's like this in a shed you should join now to get in at the top ."

We know their are lot's of railway people on the intenet who will want to save these loco's and who know how they work so ,this group is going to be probly the best group when we get the loco's becase they will all join .

Barow Hill

we will put the engine's at Barow Hill when we have got them becase there are lots of other loco's there and it is near to where are member's live .We have not yet got an Apologise from them about last time yet but we will not hold grudges .

Must be saved

Hear is the Appeal.

These loco's must be save becase they where in the EW&S Hertige FLeet (which is were we got are groups name) and are celebrites and are painted in diffrent livrys .

if we dont save them you will be very sorry for many years so you should give ,us your money to help save them .we are also going to buy 56006 and 58001 whem these are sold so ,that the hole EWandS hertige fleet will be save becase these are also painted in hertige livry's.

You should also come to Barow Hill to help work on the loco's so join NOW !!!!!! before it is TO LATTE!!!!!!!

Soon we will add a news log to this site to give you the latest news on what is happening so send money now .

Whom are the Impotent People in are Group?

The most impotant member is The Founder Member and Chairman whom is Mr Peter F. Wilson who was also founder and Charman of the 37 Tractor Group (formally 37 Traction Group who bougt some 37s of Mr Henry Sharp but then he said we couldent have them becase of ,the painting we did .

Mr Peter F. Wilson lives in Derby and has been to Barow Hill to see for himself .

We are looking for more impotant people for the ,group but that will depend on weather you meet are expectations .you will have to prove yourself to be Top Dog in the group .You also have to give money and at the moment Mr Peter F. Wilson is in the lead he has given 25 to the fund .but we will need more .

name plates For sale

We have got 4 name plates from the defunc 37 traction group for sale by repetititve tender you must place sealed bids in envelopes by Saturday and the biggest amount will win .

these Plates where made by Newtown Raplicas and are good ,quailty and very historic becase the group no longer exits .

SEND YOUR ,BIDS now !!!! Only 4 plates left .

We will use the money to buy new name plate's for are new loco's .

Page last modified: 21st September 2008