The Class 37 Traction Group

Welcme to are Website of the Class 37 TRaction group .On this Site you will read wbout what we intend to save a 37 for perservation and some wagons and run it ,on a Perserved Railway so that everyone can enjoy the Thrash for many years .Below are some news artical's ,that we are adding when news happens so keep coming back to the Site to read ,the lastest news we have .

myNewsLog: Class 37 Tarction Group

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myNewsLog4th Feb 2003 02:21Welcome to your myNewsLog News Log!
Peter F. Wilson4th Feb 2003 02:25 This is the news section of the Site were I will be putting all the news when it happens
Peter F. Wilson4th Feb 2003 02:28 the above news item should of read This is the news section of the site were we will be putting all the news when it happens
Peter F. Wilson15th Mar 2003 12:25 We have decided to save 37350 which is the original 37 d9700 and is green named NRM .
Peter F. Wilson11th Apr 2003 18:38 The national railway is already having 37350 so we will go for another 37 .
Peter F. Wilson26th May 2003 19:22 We are now going to buy 37906 becase it is a helfire beast and in the EWandS hertiage fleet on the Seven Valley railway .this loco is called slug 6 and has a slug painted on it .It has aslo got a diffrent engine in it to all the other 73s wich is why it must be saved .
Peter F. Wilson11th Sep 2003 20:53 I have now got a Lima 37 Slug 6 so Slug 6 is definately the loco we will buy .So far we have got 200 and we need probly 5000 to buy the Slug 6 of EWandS .
Peter F. Wilson14th Nov 2003 21:51 We now have a bank account that we can use for funds .
Peter F. Wilson22nd Dec 2003 20:52 We now have three members including Founder Member Peter F. Wilson ,Mr J Wilson (Father of our Founder Member) and one other who has joined from seeing this Website .This proves that this Website is now very sucsessful as the new Member wood not have known about us otherwise .
Tracters R Ace24th Dec 2003 02:33 hi evry1 ive joined this group cos i luv tracters they are serius beast did eny1 else c wot the 2 in ews colers were @ toton last week
Tracters R Ace24th Dec 2003 02:35 any1 c wot the 2 tracters at toton were lst week both in ews
Tracters R Ace24th Dec 2003 02:32 any1 c wot the 2 tracters at toton were lst week both in ews
Tracters R Ace24th Dec 2003 02:38 any1 c wot the 2 tracters at toton were lst week both in ews !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tracters R Ace24th Dec 2003 02:42 ther was two 37's at toton last week both in wes wot were numbers any1 no?
Tracters R Ace24th Dec 2003 03:01 test
Tracters R Ace24th Dec 2003 03:05 test
Peter F. Wilson24th Dec 2003 09:15 we are very sorry for the above posts that were made without our permision by someone who is nolonger a Member of this group due to his abuse of the news log forum .We must make it clear to our members that posting is not allowed unless special permision from Founder Member Peter F. Wilson is given otherwise your membership will be over with no refunds .
Peter F. Wilson4th January 2004 12:56 wWishing all our Members and Visitors a happy newyear .We have decided that becase 37906 is on the Seven Valley it is to far from the members and so we are now going to buy a diffrent 37 plus it has a diffrent engine so it wood be harder to get spares .We will Announce which 37 we are going to buy soon on this Page .
Peter F. Wilson5th Mar 2004 13:52 IMPORTANT ANOUNCEMENT - CLASS 37 Traction Group TO BUY 37401 AND 37428 .After a lot of discusion we are now goign to buy 37401 and 37428 .this is becase they are both in working order and are unique becase of there livry which is specialy for the Flying scotman dining train .Getting these will aslo mean that we will be able to hire them to main line company's like EWandS and FRAGNONSET becase of there ETH (electric train hate) and make money for restoration like the DPS .
Peter F. Wilson6th Mar 2004 09:02 Group to change name .Now that we are going to go for 37401 and 37429 we have decided to change the name of the group to 37 Traction Group .This is so that there is no confusion with any other group .
Peter F. Wilson31st Mar 2004 18:33 We now have five member's and a total of 240 in funds .
Peter F. Wilson1st April 2004 08:00 37 TRACTION GROUP BUYS 37401 AND 37428 .PRESS RELEASE 1st April 2004 .The 37 Traction Group has anounced that it hs bought 37401 and 37428 off EWandS for an undisclose sum .The 2 locos are now going to go to the Blubell Railway were they will be used on trains each weekend .
Peter F. Wilson2nd April 2004 06:15 We hope you werent fooled by that last news artical - if you were you should check the date on it becase it was april the first "april fool's day" !!!!!!!!!!!
Peter F. Wilson16th May 2004 07:23 We apologize for not puting any new stuff on for the last month this is becase two of our longest Members have moved house and there computer has been packed up in a box .Now that we are back to normal there is a special anouncement which is ,that we are no longer going to take our 37s to the Blubell it will now be the Mildand Railway or Peke Rail or the Winksworth Ralway becase they are ,closer too our Founder Members new house near Derby .
Mick3728th May 2004 13:40 Hi all - us three members who joined in February are arranging a local meeting to discuss the way forward for the group. This will take place next Saturday at 2pm in The Swan in Colchester. I'm posting here because I've not been able to get through to Peter by email, or at least I've not had any replies. See you there, Peter, guys?
JamesD670028th May 2004 13:52 Count me in.
SlugThrash28th May 2004 15:06 ill be there for a few pints mate !
Peter F. Wilson28th May 2004 15:42 We would liket to make it clear that Members are not alowwed to hold meeting without express permision of the Founder Member and that any Members who do will be out .
Mick3728th May 2004 17:25 Well 'scuse me for breathing! If you'd been bothered to answer my emails you'd have seen that we've been asking for a meeting for two months now. How are we supposed to find out what's going on, let alone help? There's nothing been posted here since we joined apart from that godawful "April Fool" and stuff about you moving house.
Peter F. Wilson28th May 2004 17:37 You have sent lots of emails asking about ,confidental stuff that I am not permitted to explain for security reasons .That is why i have not sent you any replys .You aslo should not be using this news forum without express permision
Mick3728th May 2004 17:43 Confidential stuff? I wanted to know how much the fund was at and whether you'd had any luck with E.W.S. yet. When we met at the diesel gala you told us you were already in discussions with Sales and would keep us informed. So far, you've said nothing! We asked for a meeting so that we could see what we might be able to do to help.
Peter F. Wilson28th May 2004 17:47 I am still negotating with EWandS there is ,no need to meet up there is nothing you can do to help .
SlugThrash28th May 2004 17:55 well ive just had an interesting chat with my mate who works in disposals and he says theres been no contact from any "37 traction group" and that anyway no 37/4s are for sale. if your negotiating how come he doesnt know about it????
Peter F. Wilson28th May 2004 17:59 I am in touch with the very senior people at EWandS and they are very interested in my plans .What your friend says is irelevent .It is non of your bisness .
SlugThrash28th May 2004 16:03 irrelevant? you f*****g t**t !!!! my mate works for the disposals f*****g manager - you trying to tell me thats not senior enough ???? you d**khead !!! i said this a******e was a w****r didnt i ???? f**k your crappy group you c**t.
Mick3728th May 2004 16:05 What do you mean, "non [sic] of your bisness [sic]"? We've paid our membership fees, so I think it's exactly our business what you're doing with our money. And by the way, your spelling is atrocious.
SlugThrash28th May 2004 16:07 leave it mick hes a w****r
Peter F. Wilson28th May 2004 16:09 We would like to announce that the person who calls himself ,slugthash is no longer a member of 37 Tracion Group and that if anyone does the same as him they will aslo be out .
Mick3728th May 2004 16:12 I think I concur with SlugThrash (by the way, you even spelt that wrong). Waste of a tenner, but you live and you learn. So long and good luck.
JamesD670028th May 2004 18:01 Looks like I've missed all the fun - is this true, about Peter doing nothing?
Peter F. Wilson28th May 2004 19:09 IMPORTANT ANOUNCENENT 37 Traction Group is suspended due to technical difficultys .
myNewsLog28th Sep 2004 19:10Your myNewsLog News Log has not been used for more than four months. To continue using your myNewsLog News Log you must post an item within the next 24 hours or your myNewsLog News Log account will be deleted! This is an automatic message.
Peter F. Wilson29th Sep 2004 19:09 .
Peter F. Wilson11th Oct 2004 08:20 37 TRACTION GROUP REOPENED .We have some impotent news to anounce .The groups Founder Member Peter F. Wilson visited the Barow Hill steam gala ,at Barow Hill and met with loco owner Henry Sharp who was much more frendly than he expected .Mr Sharp is selling some 37's and our Founder Member asked how much and Mr Sharp said between 30 ,and 35 ! This means we can buy own 37 imediatly ! as we have 260 in the funds (two members have joined who can be trusted not like those from Coalchester) .I have told Mr Sharp we will have one .He looked very happy at this idea .
Peter F. Wilson13th Oct 2004 17:44 we are now changing our name to the 37 Tractor Group becase it will stop confusion with the old group .We are now officially not going to buy 37401 and 37428 becase of Mr Sharps offer .
Peter F. Wilson16th Oct 2004 19:00 We have visited Barow Hill again today to look at all Mr Sharps 37s .Unfotunetly he wasent there but we could see them all from the big mound and some of them look brilliant .I have emailed Mr Sharp to see which ones he will sell us /
Peter F. Wilson16th Oct 2004 19:02 here are some pictures of them they are 37382 37397 37389 37395 this has green sheet on it .
Peter F. Wilson19th Oct 2004 09:23 Mr Sharp has emailed back and said we can have any from 37382 37389 37395 or 37397 ,for 30 each and he will get them overhalled in the price ! We are really tempted to buy all four as we have enough money but we will still have to buy spares so maybe we will just have two .
Peter F. Wilson23rd Oct 2004 15:25 Mr J Wilson has made a substantal donation to our funds and we now have 760 in the funds which is a big ,diffrence and will help a lot with spares .
Peter F. Wilson28th Oct 2004 09:10 WE HAVE DECIDED ! We are going to buy 37382 and 37397 of Mr Henry Sharp and get him to overhall them for us so that we will be able to hire them to FRAGGONSET or COSTWOLD RAIL strait away .We now have to decide what colour we will paint them and get some paint becase they are both in railfriehgt livry now and could do with a new coat ,as they are faded .Founder Member Peter F. Wilson has suggested that they should be painted in two shades of green like when they were built and like the deltics what are aslo at Barow Hill becase they would look good in a photo .
Peter F. Wilson28th Oct 2004 18:20 Some other member's have said that 37's did not have two shades of green when they were built but they are wrong .
Peter F. Wilson28th Oct 2004 07:20 Some other member's want to paint our 37's in large loco livry with scoty dogs .Founder Member Peter F. Wilson has said this would be an idea to becase he has now seen some pictures ,on the internet of some 37's with big BR arrows and big numbers this is large loco livry .if we go for large loco livry we will need to put names on the locos like they had in BR days .
Peter F. Wilson3rd Nov 2004 21:23 We have phoned Mr Sharp about buying 37382 and 37397 and he sounded very happy about it becase he was laughing .He is really frendly not what people say .We have also emailed him asking him when can we start painting the 37's and he said that we could paint them as soon as he got our money for them .I am going to write an offical cheque from the fund later and it will be posted tomorow .We are also getting some nameplates done for the loco's .
Peter F. Wilson2nd Dec 2004 08:46 Today we will be sending our check to Mr Sharp becase we have foudn the cheque book at last it was in a box that was still packed from moving house .this means Mr Sharp will get our money tomorow and we will be able to start this weekend .
Peter F. Wilson3rd Dec 2004 18:33 We posted the check yesterday and so Mr Sharp will have got it today what means that we now have two 37's !!!!!!! Founder Member Peter F. Wilson said that the 37 Tractor group is now one of the best groups and that the abusive people ,from coalchester were wrong about what they said about the Founder Member .We have now got some paint from B+Q .
Peter F. Wilson3rd Dec 2004 18:52 We have been looking at the internet and seen some picture of 37's in other livrys that we might paint them instead .Some 37's have been in load hall and some have been in intercity so we might do them in these instead of large loco .
Peter F. Wilson3rd Dec 2004 20:54 I have got more paint from B+Q just in time becase it closes at half eight .We are now going to paint the 37's in intercity .
Peter F. Wilson3rd Dec 2004 21:14 tomorow we will start painting at Barow hill and on sunday when we have finished we will put both 37's in the Deltic shed for some photo's with the deltics .we will start tomorow at about 11 oclock becase the Founder Member has got to get to Barow Hill from Derby that is quite a long way .
Peter F. Wilson3rd Dec 2004 22:23 Mr J Wilson has found blue paint in the garage and a picture of 37417 in regonal railways and it looks good so we will now paint 37382 and 37397 in regonal railways .
Peter F. Wilson4th Dec 2004 09:18 WE NOW HAVE NAEMPLATES !!!!!!! The name plates for our 37's have turned up just before ,we are setting of for Barow Hill !!! So we will be taking them and sticking them on the loco's today when the painting is done .there is only one ,problem and that is when we ordered them we forgot that the group was now 37 Tractor group not class 37 traction group (now "defunc") but we can fix that with some paint .
Peter F. Wilson4th Dec 2004 22:09 Restration Report !!!!! This is the first restration report from the 37 Tractor group .We have been to Barow Hill to work on the 37's we have bought of Mr Henry Sharp .All 4 Members could not come becase ,my father Mr J Wilson is going on holiday today so there were only three who came to help and we first had a discussion over what colour to paint them .We decided to try different ones to see which looked ,best and becase 37397 was easier to get to we chose that one .It was very cold and the paint took ages .Some of the other people at Barow Hill did not belive that we had bought them off Mr Sharp and were trying to ring him to find out but he must of been out .Tomorow I will take Mr Sharps email's and then they will belive us .we got some sticky fixers from the newsagent on the way but the name plates wooden stay on so we will have to get some super glue or araldite instead .We aslo went to see the deltics and said that we should put the 37's in the shed with the deltics but the deltic people said they were busy even though all there ,locos were in bits and non where moving .We have decided that we will build our own shed at Barow Hill .We decided that if we are going to hire the 37's to FRAGGONSET or COSTWOLD RAIL we will need to make a "corporeal livry" so that people no whose ,engines they are .Founder Member Peter F. Wilson is going to design this livry and we will paint it on tomorow .
Peter F. Wilson4th Dec 2004 22:12 here is 37379 after we painted it to test the colers .
Peter F. Wilson5th Dec 2004 07:41 We now have a corporeal livry what will be used on our 37's .Becase we have some paint already we will use those colours in the livry .The weather on the news said it will be warmer today so we will be able to paint both 37's .
Peter F. Wilson5th Dec 2004 16:04 FORMAL COMPLANE !!!!! We are going to make a formal complane against Barow Hill becase they wooden let us in today .Some of the people from Mr Henry Sharps company said it would cost hundreds to get our paint of the 37 and that Mr Sharp will "in voice" us for the "damage" .we said that we had bought the 37's and showed them the emails and they said that k meant thousand (I dont belive that becase that would mean 30000 which is a lot more than 5000) and that we would need to show them the sale "in voice" before we could go any where near the 37's again but I said how can we show them something that was done "in voice" becase that is just speaking .they said they would call the police if we diden go away .Here are the emails that Mr Sharp sent us which prove that we are right .This is the first email -
> it was good to meet you at Barow Hill people 
> say you are not frendly to perservation but 
> you were very frendly .anyway you said you 
> would sell us some 37's for between 30 and 35
> and we are intrested could you tell us which 
> ones we can have
> thank you
> Mr Peter F. Wilson (Founder Member)
> Class 37 Tractor Group

37382/389/395/397 are for sale.  As seen £18k 
each.  With overhaul to heritage line standards 
£30k each.


Here is the 2nd email and replys -
>>>> i am emailing to confirm that we will have 
>>>> 37382 and 37397 for 30 each like we said 
>>>> on the phone before .we want to paint 
>>>> them up soon when can we start
>>>> thank you
>>>> Mr Peter F. Wilson (Founder Member)
>>>> Class 37 Tractor Group
>>> You can do whatever you like with them as 
>>> soon as they are paid for.  
>>> I need your address to send a sales 
>>> agreement and pro-forma.  The VAT will 
>>> follow at the end of the month.
>>> HS
>> you can send the agrement and performance to 
>> this email address i check email all the 
>> time
>> thank you
>> Mr Peter F. Wilson (Founder Member)
>> Class 37 Tractor Group
> Er ... no!  Don't think so!  I need your
> POSTAL address!!
> HS

dont worry it is not important ,i will send 
the check soon 

thank you

Mr Peter F. Wilson (Founder Member)
Class 37 Tractor Group
Mr Sharp did not reply after this so it must of been ok .So we are now demanding an apologise from Barow Hill and those ac electric group people who said we were a bunch of spoters .
Peter F. Wilson6th Dec 2004 17:16 We have still not recevd an apologise from Barow Hill .
Peter F. Wilson7th Dec 2004 07:47 I have just had an email from Mr Sharp who says that we have not bought the 37's even though we have sent him 60 on an official check .He has aslo said that ,we must pay 3000 to get 37397 repainted again to cover up our paint .that is stupid becase it only cost us 45 for the paint from B+Q anyway so 3000 is too much .
Peter F. Wilson9th Dec 2004 14:36 Mr Sharp has sent a letter saying we must pay 3000 or he will take us to court .I have spoken to Mr J Wilson who has said he will sort it .
Peter F. Wilson16th Dec 2004 23:13 The 37 Tractor Group is now suspended due to unfoursean problems .We have been told that we can not buy the 37's becase they are 30000 each which is a lot and too ,much .My father Mr J Wilson has said we must pay him all the money from the fund becase he has paid Mr Sharp 3525 to fix the "damage" on 37397 which is more than 3000 that he said at first .
Peter F. Wilson24th Dec 2004 11:53 We have receved an "invoice" from Newtown Replcas for the neam plates and it is a lot of money .I have phoned them to say that the name plates are not actualy on an engine but they said that was not relevant so it turns out we still have to pay for them even thow they are not on an engine .If any one wishes to make a donation to the group please do it soon .
myNewsLog24th Apr 2005 11:54Your myNewsLog News Log has not been used for more than four months. To continue using your myNewsLog News Log you must post an item within the next 24 hours or your myNewsLog News Log account will be deleted! This is an automatic message.
Peter F. Wilson24th Apr 2005 19:49 NEW GROUP FORMED !!!!!!! Peter F. Wilson ,leader and chairman of the Class 37 Traction Group and the 37 Traction group and the 37 Tractor Group has formed a new group called EE Tractor Fund .This is a compleatly new group and is not conected to the old groups at all .The aim of this new group ,is to save 37411 (d6990) and 37425 becase they are now uniqe in green livry and large loco livry and pull Virgin trains in wales .We need to get 10000 to buy both engine's of EWandS but they might give us one for free becase they are popular .We will soon be redoing the Website to look better and have EE Tractor logo's .If you want to save 37411 and 37425 you have to join and give money or they will be scrapt .This is a warning !!

About C37TG

This group was made becase of the great amounts of intrest in Class 37's .The founder member and chairman is Peter F. Wilson and he has built this Site to Spread the word about C37TF and bring in money and new members /He has set the group up in 2001 to save 37403 ben crucan becase of it's green livry but this loco is now looking very sad and has not been repainted again so it was decided that we would look for another 37 instead .

How Much money we will need .

to save a class 37 we will need to have a lot of money ready and a bank account .Founder Member Peter F. Wilson is opening a bank account very soon so we will be able to take donation from the public .On lots of internet sites there are exampel's of how much it will cost to buy an engine .We estimate that it will be 5000 for a 37 but Henry Sharp is selling some of his for a lot more ,like 25000 wich is too much for us .We will also need to buy some spare parts and a storage carridge like a parcels van to store all are spare in .

Founder Member Peter F. Wilson is going to put 200 in the fund himself and so more memers are needed to put more money in to raise 5000 .

The Line we will go to

Once we have bought the 37 we will need to put it on a railway were it will be restored and used on trains for the public .Our first choice is the Blubell Railway becase it is closest to where our Founder Member live .But if the blubell do not have enough space we will look at other railways and musems but they wood have to be quite close to the blubell .

What else we will need to Buy

the £&'s are best known for pulling wagons and so we are aslo going to buy some wagons to go with our 37 and these are some coal wagons HAA becase there are lots of them in sidings that no one is using .Founder Member Peter F. Wilson has seen some photo of some HAA wagons in scotland and says they will do we are going to get 37 of them to match the loco class .

We will also need to buy a mark one carriage to be our support coach on railtours on the main line when we have got the 37 working .


To buy the 37 and the wagons (HAA) we will need more money so if you want to perserve an 37 for Thrash make a donation to us soon .



lastest News 2006 founder Member Peter F. Wilson is starting a new group called EWASHFPG to perserve the EWandS hertige fleet we , have a new website here .click

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